Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Liver and Onions

Liver ½ pound
Onion 1
Fresh sage about 10 leaves
Shiitake Mushrooms about 1 cup fresh
Bacon 3 strips
Flat leaf parsley 3 T
Butter 2T
Flour (I used almond flour)

Cut liver into strips and lightly dredge in flour seasoned with sea salt and cracked pepper. Set aside.

Fry uncured, pastured bacon until crisp and all the fat has rendered out.

Add sliced onions and continue to cook until well browned.

Add 2 tablespoons pastured butter to the hot pan and swirl to combine with the remaining bacon fat.

Add sliced brown mushrooms and sauté until they begin to crisp on the edges.

Make sure that the skillet is still good and hot, then add strips of floured liver and coarsely chopped fresh sage and flat-leaf parsley. Cook until well browned, turn and brown on the other side.

Arrange on a plate, drizzle with pan juices and enjoy.

Review: This just goes to show that anything cooked in bacon grease is delicious. I liked it and Sarah did too. I used the fresh pastured chicken livers from Soul Foods Farm, not sure it would taste as good with regular old liver.

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